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Be All IN or Be All OUT. There is NO Halfway.

burn your boats, therapy with results

A famous therapist once said that the best thing about therapy was ending it!  I think the therapist meant that issues had been identified, plans have been made to overcome the issues and you can move forward with your new life!

So where does Burn Your Boats come from?  The phrase actually comes from warriors in different times in history that had to take action or perish. My belief is that there are times in our life that we must face our issues or be overwhelmed by  them. In those moments we can no

 longer let those issues, often  rooted in our past, dictate our present or future because no matter how much we would like to; we cannot change our past.

We can no longer be haunted by our addiction, our broken relationships, or our failures. By living in our negative self-belief system we will be forever chained to those times or issues or those people. We must Burn those Boats and live in our today and plan for our tomorrow.

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