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How much will this cost?   In my practice the overwhelming majority of my clients use their medical insurance to pay for my services. I do have clients, for a variety of reasons, opt to  pay for services out of pocket. Click on Insurances Accepted on my site to see if I accept your insurance provider. If I accept your insurance all you are responsible for is the co-pay. That may range from $10.00-$40.00 per session.

How long does therapy last?   Each session lasts 50 – 60 minutes. How long will you be in therapy really depends. While I do not rush in working with clients, I do believe that we must be driven to achieve results. I do not have some sort of revolving door of therapy, but some times clients and I work on resolving one issue with the understanding that maybe at another time we can work to resolve other issues later.  As I said earlier I do believe that the best thing about therapy is ending it because it  mean that whatever issues brought you into therapy have been resolved and you are ready to move forward with your new life.

Why Therapy?   This reminds of the question, do I need stitches? If you think you need stitches, you probably do. If you are asking the question why therapy maybe it means the person or people closest to you think that something is going on or has happened with or to you that has left them concerned for you and they aren’t equipped to help the way you need help.

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